Have you looked at the ingredient list on your soap, shampoo or body wash lately?   

Hi, I’m Lisa the owner of Aoraki Naturals. I began a quest several years ago to limit the junk I put on to my skin and in that journey have produced natural alternatives to many everyday body and household products.

All products are hand-crafted in small batches using only natural plant oils, essential oils, botanicals and clays to create lush, nourishing and skin-friendly products. No palm oil, animal fats, synthetic fragrances or colourants are used.

Established in 2015, proudly made in Timaru, and currently online only, we offer free pick ups from our convenient locker boxes,  flat-rate shipping to a New Zealand address, or FREE SHIPPING on orders $40+ (rural surcharge applies). 

Limited Edition: Nettle & Calendula Skin Salve. Perfect for extremely dry skin, tattoo care, irritations, lips and more …..
NEW: Vanilla Shampoo Bar. This has the same base recipe as the Rosemary & Mint and Lemon shampoo bars.
Harness the power of nature with a relaxing, calming blend of essential oils, all anchored in a skin-loving balm made with infused chamomile oil.

NEW RELEASE: Peppermint Cream soap.


NEW: All-natural oil cleanser.


Biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes now available.
NEW for 2018: Our zero waste alternative to dishwashing liquid will leave your dishes sparkling clean and streak free.
NEW: Our non-toxic, natural deodorant that works!
Bestseller: Fabulous Face Oil
BESTSELLER: Fabulous Face Oil

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