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I guess I’ve always had an interest in natural living, but around 2005  I started experimenting and learning as much as I could about making  natural alternatives to everyday cleaning products, both for the body and the home.

In 2013, with little choice available locally, I saw a gap in the market to produce well-crafted, value-for-money products that work.  All recipes were tested and tweeked to ensure a great final product, and in mid 2015, Aoraki Naturals was born.

Please remember, as my soaps are handmade each batch will vary slightly from the last. Also, as I use no synthetics, they are scented with pure essential oils which produces a subtler scent than the “fragrance oils” used in a lot of handmade soaps.   If you are expecting a super strong scent you will not find that with my soaps, although some essential oils are stronger than others. Similarly, my soaps have no artificial colours – I use herbal teas, botanicals, spices and clays to create designs and hues. All essential oil usage rates adhear to IFRA safety guidelines.

To ensure the longevity of your soap bar it is very important to keep it out of your shower’s stream or puddles of water. A well-draining soap dish will make your bar last a long time.  I recommend cutting your soap in half and using on alternate days.  See Soap needs love too! 

Thank you to all current and future clients, I hope you enjoy using my products – don’t forget to tell your friends about Aoraki Naturals – Lisa.

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