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Lie back and relax! A bath brew for those who need to unwind.   A mix of all-natural salts and clay, with therapeutic essential oil to soak your cares away. After using our bath salts you’ll feel the difference in your skin, your mood, and more. Having been used for thousands of years, the benefits of bath salts are far-reaching.

Comes in a home-compostable bag.


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Our bath salts contain many beneficial minerals and nutrients to keep your skin smooth and soft.  Some of the minerals include magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromide, and of course, sodium. These minerals are easily absorbed into our pores and are known to cleanse and purify our skin on a molecular level, improving skin’s radiance and texture. Magnesium helps fight stress and combat fatigue; potassium balances moisture levels in the skin; bromide soothes tired, sore muscles; sodium plays a significant role in managing the balance of lymphatic fluid in our bodies. The result? Bath salts benefit not only our skin, but our entire body – from the inside out.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, sodium bicarbonate, kaolin clay, sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, lavender buds.

Epsom salt: rich in both magnesium and sulfate. While both magnesium and sulfate can be poorly absorbed through the stomach, studies show increased magnesium levels from soaking in a bath enriched with epsom salt. great for relaxation and cell and nerve rejuvenation.

Sea salt: helps the body remove toxins and by-products of metabolism through the lymph system, promotes relaxation

Himalayan pink salt: mineral dense, detoxifying, relaxation

Sodium bicarbonate: detoxifying, alkalises your body, soothes skin irritations

Kaolin clay: draws toxins, stimulates lymphatic system.

Sweet almond oil: moisturising

Lavender: the ultimate relaxation herb, harmonising, therapeutic for skin complaints, anti-anxiety.


Weight: 300g – about 7-8 baths.


+++ This product comes in a fully home-compostable zip-lock pouch, to dispose simply put in your compost bin or bury in your garden. Break down time will vary depending on compost temperature, moisture content etc.



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  1. kerri (verified owner)

    Bliss. A very relaxing bath smells not overpowering. The little bits of lavander are a nice touch. Kids love it in their bath too. A little goes a long way

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