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COAL FACE (previously Charcoal Plus) is the natural way to clean, clear skin. Lashings of detoxifying activated charcoal to attract and pull toxins from your skin. With lavender and tea tree essential oils.  Great for teen/young adults or blemish-prone skin – whatever your age!

Ingredients: Coconut oil, rice bran oil, water, olive oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide (none left in final product), activated charcoal, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, kaolin clay, sea salt.

Min weight: 100g

Directions: For best results use daily.  Lather up between hands and rub hands in circular motion all over face area, making sure to keep eyes closed.  Allow to sit on skin for a minute or so before rinsing several times with warm water. Pat dry.   We recommend finishing with a natural product such as our Fabulous Face Oil

Keep your soap dry by patting down with a towel between uses.  The lather will be grey, so any drips have the potential to make a mess of your sink or shower. Drying and placing on a well-draining soap dish will prolong the life of your bar and keep your bathroom clean.  You can buy a soap dish HERE


charcoal face wash

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Sometimes your charcoal soap may have grey shading/spots. This is normal and nothing sinister.   Soda ash can form when the soap is made cooler than normal, or the air temperature is low. It is purely superficial and doesn’t affect the performance of your soap. We think it looks quite cool!



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18 reviews for COAL Face Wash

  1. Klara (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this. I’ve been using for over 3 years now. I’m prone to dry patches and spotty patches, and this clears up blemishes without over-drying or irritating my skin

  2. Samantha Simmonds (verified owner)

    Great face wash, leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. It lasts for a really long time so very budget friendly. As with all the bars I buy I cut it up into smaller pieces and place in a soap container for travel.

  3. Cindy Coskerie (verified owner)

    A great product that everyone in our house uses. My 11 and 13 year old daughters find it great to get rid of the little blackheads they get on their chins.

  4. Tammy Waters (verified owner)

    Love this face soap, it lathers well for application and leaves skin soft and not dry! On to my second bar now the first lasted me about 4 months. Very happy with product.

  5. Tash (verified owner)

    This is all I will use to wash my face now. I often get blemishes and always struggle to find a product that helps ( have tried soo many different pharmacy products) Within a few weeks my skin was clear and I haven’t looked back since! It’s absolute magic!

  6. Amanda Lunn (verified owner)

    Have been buying this for my husband and his tradie-face for the last year he thinks its great one of the only things that has worked for him to wash all the dirt and grime away keeping his face clear without drying his face out.

  7. Elle (verified owner)

    Absolutely love charcoal+. It has been exactly what my skin needed and l will continue to use it as it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without feeling dry.

  8. h.s.lehmann (verified owner)

    Great long-lasting product. I use it sparingly when I have breakouts.

  9. stephaniehall (verified owner)

    I get bad skin before my period…. but not anymore. My skin is so soft. I never thought I’d use a bar on face but I’ll never go back

  10. Bridget

    Love the thick lather and how soft it leaves my face feeling. With having a new baby some days it’s a wash with water and face cloth and so my skin doesn’t always look that flash but this soap brings up it wonderful

  11. kath boland (verified owner)

    I have been using the charcoal soap for about three months now both morning and night to cleanse my face. I love the smooth lather and thorough clean it gives me. I find it perfect to use on my combination 54 year old skin. I also love the ease of use and excellent value for money. One cake of soap goes a very long way.

  12. heidesoper

    I have been using this not for my face, but for my arms, as I have KP it has helped clear it up . Using the sample sized and has lasted me well i take it out of the shower and dry it on a dish by the sink with my other soaps

  13. Hanna Goodman (verified owner)

    I use this bar daily for a face wash and I love the fresh, clean feeling it gives. My acne prone skin has really improved since using it!

  14. kerina brown (verified owner)

    I’m prone to adult acne and this is the only soap I use on my face now! Amazing

  15. Davinia (verified owner)

    Lovely product, leaves face feeling clean and fresh but not tight. Love the versatility of the face soaps that if your caught without normal soap in the shower can also be used all over.

  16. lisarog

    My Daughter used this soap last night for the first time…should have taken before and 24 hours after photos!! Definite improvement in her acne today!!! ??? love it ??? — from Anna-Marie (Facebook)

  17. Nicky Mackay (verified owner)

    I have been using this soap for a few days now and this is my absolute favourite! My skin feels soft and has cleared my complexion up too!! Happy I grabbed two bars to keep me going!!

  18. Christine Affleck (verified owner)

    I love this! It leaves my face feeling clean and soft. My daughter has started using it and her skin is clearing up beautifully. Highly recommend especially for acne prone skin.

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