Coconut Lemon Salt Bar

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Indulge yourself or a friend. Salt bars have a rich, creamy lather and are packed with skin-loving minerals.

Fresh, zingy lemon scented soap.

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Aoraki Naturals’ salt bars are non-drying as at least 20% of the oils in each bar remain. They make a lovely face bar, or an all-over body treat.  Work the lather up between your palms using hot water, you may need to “break in” your soap to start with.  These are very hard, long-lasting bars.

Ingredients:  coconut oil, olive oil, water, sea salt, sodium hydroxide, coconut cream, litsea cubeba essential oil, green clay, coconut (sometimes on top).


Suitable for: general everyday use, facial bar, pamper

minimum weight: 90g


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salt bar lather
Salt bars have a dense, creamy, long-lasting lather.
FYI — salt is a humectant, meaning it pulls in moisture from the air. Our salt bars, as the name suggests, have a high level of salt, so when the weather is particularly humid, unused salt bars may “weep” Here is an example showing a bar that was wrapped and left in a damp, cool hallway. This in no way affects the soap! All you need to do is remove the wrapping and place it in a warm, dry spot – the soap will dry out and be perfectly fine to use.


* Please note: You may see some black specks in your soap, there are from the salt (food grade) we use and are mineral based particles including silica, calcium carbonate and lime. These are natural impurities and do not have any adverse health effects.


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