Conditioner Bar

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$ 12.50

Our conditioner bars are made with plant-derived ingredients chosen for their conditioning and nourishing properties. They’ll leave your hair soft, silky and shiny.

Sweet Citrus – orange & may chang essential oils

Earthy – patchouli, lemongrass & vetiver essential oils.

Vanilla Vanilla planifolia essential oil.


Solid conditioner bars are very concentrated and extremely long-lasting – they may seem small, but one bar should last many months, even with frequent use. They are designed to work just like the salon/supermarket conditioner you may be used to — why pay for water and a plastic bottle!?

To use, simply swipe the bar a few times over your freshly-washed wet hair – you really don’t need much at all. Distribute through length of hair, concentrating on ends. Leave on for a minute or two and thoroughly rinse clean.  Be sure to store your conditioner bar out of the stream of the shower and allow to dry between uses.  A soap dish which allows air flow is ideal.

Although, not 100% natural like our shampoo bars, we have chosen mild, quality ingredients and have tried to keep things as natural as possible. If you do prefer to use an all-natural product after using your shampoo bar, you may wish to try our Nourishing Hair Oil or a rinse of 1T white (or apple cider vinegar) to 1 cup warm water.

Ingredients:  Cetearyl Alcohol & Behentrimonium Methosulfate (vegetable oil derived conditioning agents), cocoa butter, argan oil, coconut oil, hydrolised wheat protein,  glycerin,  provitamin B5, Liquid Germall Plus (preservative), sweet orange & may chang essential oil (in Sweet Citrus), patchouli, lemongrass & vetiver essential oils (in Earthy), Vanilla planifolia essential oil (in Vanilla see note below)

nb: *The vanilla we use is a cosmetic grade oil, it is still 100% natural. Here is the information from the supplier:  “Cosmetic grade essential oils are made by mixing natural isolates from therapeutic grade essential oils. The resulting oil is also natural but is made cheaper by using isolates from cheaper plants.”  Your vanilla bar may discolour to a purple/brown over time, but this is nothing at all to worry about.

Weight: 50-60g. Vegan.

Price reflects the expensive ingredients needed to craft this bar.


Please note, these bars will suit most hair types, but there will always be some people that they won’t work for.

It might feel like you aren’t applying enough, as the bar doesn’t lather or feel creamy like a bottle conditioner.  Start by applying a small amount, then stop and use your fingers to comb it though your hair and then reassess whether to apply more.

If your hair is short, or thin and fine, you may not need more than one swipe.

Have long, thick, curly hair, you may need more distributed throughout your hair.  If you hair is long, you may only want to use a bit on the ends.

You may have to play around with what works best for you to start with.

Some people like to use a conditioner bar BEFORE their shampoo bar, you may want to use a vinegar rinse and just condition the ends.

If all else fails, these bars make great shaving bars!





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18 reviews for Conditioner Bar

  1. Paula Hughes (verified owner)

    The conditioning bar is lovely, with using the lemon shampoo bar which leaves my hair soft I only need to use the conditioning bar a few times a week.
    Last for ages, another amazing product.

  2. vegepatch (verified owner)

    Really great product. Lasts for ages and works really well on my long hair.

  3. taniabryant.reflexions (verified owner)

    Love this conditioner, it lasts for months on end. Great to use a natural product with no plastic packaging. Fantastic.

  4. Fiona Spark

    I really enjoy this conditioner bar. I’ve used it with the vanilla shampoo and another shampoo brand and both times it leaves my hair sooo soft. The smell is not overpowering either which is a bonus.

  5. Gemma (verified owner)

    Love the Sweet Citrus conditioner bar. It smells amazing and my hair feels great.

  6. Fiona (verified owner)

    Tried this bar Citrus for the first time last year, I have longish thick blonde/ grey/white hair, it is now under control, I just swipe it down avoiding the roots & my hair is under control. Thank you Aoraki Naturals

  7. nicole.power (verified owner)

    I have the earthy conditioner bar and it’s great! It lasts a ridiculously long time, super easy to use, and my hair looks lovely after using this. Smells wonderful as well 🙂

  8. Sheryll (verified owner)

    Love ❤️ this conditioning bar. I have the earthy one and the smell is divine. Hair feels amazing after using and so easy to manage.

  9. Angela McLuckie (verified owner)

    I have long thick hair, and the conditioner bar is fabulous. It’s easy to brush and feels soft and silky. I’ll never use plastic, chemical filled shampoo or conditioner again. Loving it!

  10. Emma (verified owner)

    I love this conditioner bar. Leaves my hair feeling soft & easy to brush.

  11. Patricia (verified owner)

    Great conditioner bar. I have pixie hair and love it. I can feel my hair super smooth. It lasts forever, I have used one full shampoo bar with 1/4 conditioner. Love it !!

  12. Rachel (verified owner)

    I love my earthy conditioner bar. The smell is amazing and my thick curly hair loves it.

  13. Jessica Henere (verified owner)

    We have both conditioning bars,we are using the earthy one at the moment &it just smells delicious &I love when my kids walk past me&all I can smell is thier hair,our hair is so soft& shinny &these bars are so solid ,it has&will last us for ages,thanks Lisa these bars are wonderful ?

  14. Kerry Alemann

    Love this conditioner bar. It’s just what I needed to use after the Henna shampoo bar. I’m really happy with the way my hair is at the moment. Great for my hair and the environment too.

  15. Alicia (verified owner)

    The transition to bar soap was good but I didn’t like how squeeky clean my hair felt. The conditioner bar allows me to put my fingers through my hair easily when it’s wet and compliments my bar shampoo perfectly!

  16. Jenny (verified owner)

    Love this conditioner bar. I use the Earthy one, its divine. I recommend it to everyone!

  17. kath boland (verified owner)

    I have the earthy conditioner. I love the smell! It’s easy to use and the results are wonderful. After one use my hair feels softer and is more manageable. Paired with my shampoo bar my hair is happiest it’s ever been. And I repeat…it smells fabulous! I will never use commercial shampoo or conditioner again! Thanks Lisa.

  18. Christine Affleck (verified owner)

    I tried this for the first time today and totally LOVE it!!! My hair feels amazing! Thanks ❤️

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