Face Mask – Hibiscus or Rosemary

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Our all-natural detox masks come in two varieties – Hibiscus (for all skin types) and Rosemary (for normal-oily skin)



Lie back and let a face mask work its magic.

Our 25g of powder contains enough for 10 full-face masks. It comes in a glass jar, or a refill in cellophane sachet (100% biodegradable, made from plant cellulose)

Hibiscus Ingredients:  Pink clay, kaolin clay, hibiscus powder, powdered oats, vitamin c powder.

Rosemary Ingredients:  French green clay, kaolin clay, organic rosemary, powdered oats, vitamin c powder.

Directions:  Put 1 teaspoon in a small container – teacup or ramekin ideal.

Mix with water or honey to make a paste with plastic or wooden spoon (you don’t need much) and apply to a clean face avoiding the eye area.

Leave for 15  minutes, then wash off with warm water  and pat dry.  Follow with our Fabulous Face Oil



For all skin types

Hibiscus has a sort of magical reputation in skin care because it is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Chemical forms of these acids can be overly harsh and damaging to the skin, but natural sources such as those in hibiscus can help provide the same benefits without the harsh drawbacks. AHAs are known to help exfoliate skin, speed up cell turnover, and help control breakouts, all of which can encourage fresher, younger, and smoother looking skin. They also increase moisture and improve flexibility and elasticity—the reason why hibiscus called the Botox plant.

On top of the AHA activity are the antioxidants, which are called “anthocyanocides.” These not only protect the skin from free radical damage, but have astringent properties that help pores to appear smaller. They have an anti-inflammatory effect as well, which soothes inflamed skin and helps calm skin conditions.

Finally, the plant has a high mucilage content, which makes it a great skin moisturizer. Combine all these properties together and you have a wonderful anti-aging ingredient that with regular use, helps skin to appear more supple and flawless overall.”

Rose/Pink clay is considered a mild Kaolin Clay that is commonly used to clean and purify the skin. It has mild exfoliating powers and like all clays, helps to detoxify the skin by drawing impurities from pores.” Notes: the clay may cause slight, temporary reddening of your complexion, this will pass, so you may want to avoid applying just before you go out. Also, different clay batches can vary slightly in colour.


Best for normal-oily skin.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) has a bevvy of beautiful benefits ranging from moisturizing your skin and supporting healthy collagen development to fighting off skin-damaging free radicals. Since ancient times, this aromatic herb has had a prominent role in religious rituals, culinary recipes and the natural medicine cabinet. Although its benefits vary depending on whether you’re ingesting this delicious herb or using it topically, rosemary is a great addition to your skincare routine.”

“Green Clay is the most effective clay to draw impurities and toxins from the skin. It also helps to soothe and relax skin that is tight or irritated”







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10 reviews for Face Mask – Hibiscus or Rosemary

  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    I’ve tried the hibiscus mask and absolutely love it. It’s really easy to make up a batch and it lasts a long time. My face felt amazing afterwards. It’s a part of my self care rituals.

  2. Tammy Waters (verified owner)

    Love how easy it is to prepare and apply, feet up and relax time. I’ll be ordering a top up soon.

  3. Lynne Lang (verified owner)

    I give this as a gift to people. Unfortunately I don’t use it enough myself! I love how it makes my skin feel. This old girl needs all the help she can get!

  4. Sheryll (verified owner)

    Another lovely product which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth afterwards.
    Definitely recommend this !!!

  5. Katelyn Yeoman (verified owner)

    This is a restorative face mask that leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It lasts forever and is a fantastic gift to give as well! I highly recommend this product.

  6. h.s.lehmann (verified owner)

    I use this and the rosemary mask and love it – for me it seems to clear my pores and definitely leaves my skin very soft.

  7. jessicamaypratt (verified owner)

    I have just used this for first time and my skin has literally never felt so soft. What a fantastic product, and for an incredible price. Definitely going to be a great addition to Face Mask Fridays.

  8. Lynne (verified owner)

    I gave a pack to a dear friend of mine and she loves it like I do. She has used it on her 13 yr old son, as he’s been having a few blemish problem,s and he likes it too!

  9. Hanna Goodman (verified owner)

    This face mask is part of my Friday night ritual: mask on, feet up, glass of wine in hand.
    I love the way it makes my skin feel and I love how long a packet lasts!

  10. Ingrid Ward (verified owner)

    I have very sensitive skin and this is a beautiful soothing and cleansing mask, I felt like I’d had a facial. Love it and would recommend. A little goes a long way.

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