Coconut oil laundry soap – per 100g (laundry powder recipe included)

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100% coconut oil soap for use in DIY laundry and kitchen recipes.  This soap has no “free oil” in it, so has awesome cleaning properties, but is not suitable for using on your body.

  • All natural
  • No animal fats
  • No palm oil
  • No phosphates or sulphates
  • No toxic chemicals
  • No synthetics or petroleums
  • vegan

Ingredients:  coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide (none left in final product)

Price is per 100g – so if you would like 500g of soap, choose “5” . The soap may arrive in one chunk, or in bits.  It is designed to be grated, so looks don’t matter here!

Laundry Powder Recipe

Makes 1.7kg

300g coconut oil laundry soap, finely grated

500g borax

500g washing soda (sodium carbonate)

400g baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

Combine all ingredients.

If you wish to mill your soap down into smaller pieces, use a food processor with some of the washing soda to avoid it clumping.

Use 1-2T per load, dissolve in hot water first for best results.



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6 reviews for Coconut oil laundry soap – per 100g (laundry powder recipe included)

  1. Miriama (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing especially if you use the recipe. I use this as my laundry powder and also as a soak, it’s so much more effective than napisan

  2. Fiona Rutherford (verified owner)

    Love this, use the recipe on the website. I have a front loader, so if I’m dong a quick wash, or a wash in cold water, I dissolve 2 tablespoons in 1/2 cup of hot water & pour into the dispenser. Otherwise I just add 2T with the load of washing, i.e: sprinkle it over the clothes, shut the door & hit start. Works wonderfully.

  3. Elesha (verified owner)

    This soap makes such a great laundry powder! Used the recipe given and our clothes come out super clean.

  4. Daniela (verified owner)

    I use this soap all the time to make my own laundry powder as per the recipe on here. Works really well on cloth nappies, outdoorsy toddler clothes and everything in between! Can’t beat it.

  5. vegepatch (verified owner)

    Really easy to make your own laundry powder. Works well on dirty kids clothes and Engineer work clothes.

  6. Clare-Louise Gerbault (verified owner)

    I use this soap to make my own laundry powder. Very effective and no irritation.

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