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Our RELIEF Bath Soak is a blend of soothing minerals and nutrients which may provide welcome relief for itchy, dry skin. It is gentle and safe for the most sensitive of skins, including young children.     Comes in a home compostable pouch.

Ingredients: ground oats, magnesium sulphate, sodium bicarbonate, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, calendula.

Weight: 300g

Directions:  Add a generous handful to a warm, not hot, bath and soak for at least 20 minutes, pat your skin dry.  It can also be made into a paste with a little water and applied topically, for around 20mins, to problem areas.

** Please test patch before applying topically if you have particularly sensitive skin***

nb: this is a little more expensive than our regular bath soaks, due to the cost of the raw ingredients.



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+++ This product comes in a fully home-compostable zip-lock pouch, to dispose simply put in your compost bin or bury in your garden. Break down time will vary depending on compost temperature, moisture content etc.

You can now return your home compostable pouches to us if you are local – just leave them in an empty pick up box any time. We realise that not everyone has a compost system, so we are pledging to send them back to Econic, so they can dispose of them correctly in their composting facility. If you live in Christchurch or Hamilton, you can drop at their offices.






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1 review for RELIEF – Bath Soak

  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    Great bath soak, very relaxing! Made my skin feel fantastic afterwards. I use this one if my skin is feeling a little dry/ scratchy. A little goes a long way. Nice subtle scent.

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