Citrus Stain Removal Bar

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Made with handmade 100% coconut oil soap this long-lasting stain removal bar is very handy to have in your laundry to pre-treat stubborn stains. You can also use it to handwash clothes – ideal to take camping or travelling.

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  • All natural, with added citrus essential oils for grease-cutting power.
  • No animal fats
  • No palm oil
  • No phosphates or sulphates
  • No toxic chemicals or artificial scents
  • No synthetics or petroleums
  • vegan

Ingredients:  coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil.

Weight:  75-100 grams.

Suitable for:  sensitive skin, general laundry use, great for handwashing, travel, camping, boating (will lather in sea water), emergency kits, DIY laundry recipes.

To use: Wet the fabric around the stain, press and rub with the stain bar to lather. Repeat for stubborn stains. Can wash garment immediately, or leave on until you are ready to do your next load.

Nb: not intended to use as a body soap, as can be drying.

Email review — “This laundry stain bar is bar far the BEST I have ever used. My son often comes home from cycling with chain and bike grease on his cycling gear. I have tried several other anti grease soaps and even a bike spray toxic de-greaser and it didn’t even move the stain. This bar works like magic. Highly recommend in every household!!” – Paula K, Auckland.

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11 reviews for Citrus Stain Removal Bar

  1. Claire Butler (verified owner)

    Even my teenage daughter who usually gives me a hard time about my “hippy bars” rates this one! I had to come on and do a review when she asked if she could take a bar of this game changing stain remover with her on holiday, and then asked “What do they put it that bar bro? That’s some voodoo magic”

  2. jessicamaypratt (verified owner)

    Such an effective bar! I no longer worry about the tomato based dinners getting all over my white tops because this bar gets the tomato stains out! Incredible!

  3. Gill Shortcliffe (verified owner)

    I swear by this as my prewash stain remover. I simply wet the stain and give it a good rub over with the citrus stain removal bar and pop the item in the machine along with my usual washing. Voila! Works a treat every time. No other stain treatment products needed in my laundry.

  4. Sheryll (verified owner)

    This stain removal bar is amazing. Got an old makeup stain off a top first go. Lathers beautifully and is a must have in the laundry.

  5. Daniela (verified owner)

    This has been tested extensively in our house with a messy toddler! Tumeric, blood and grass stains etc. – no problem. I cut it in half and it lasts for ages.

  6. dannigru (verified owner)

    This stain stick is great, worked wonders on removing smelly fish bait stains from my clothes and even got, rid of the smell. Works great on my farm clothes as well.

  7. nicole.power (verified owner)

    The stain removal bar works brilliantly at getting out all sorts of weird and wonderful stains my three year old gets all over himself. Hasn’t failed me yet! Very happy customer and mum!

  8. mrsbdickens (verified owner)

    Removed old black bike oil from my husband’s white shirts, my dry cleaner couldn’t even do that. Sorcery.

  9. Anthea Madill (verified owner)

    Use these to make up laundry liquid- works so well and produces a great concentrate that uses less and cleans better than the bought stuff… And is local and palm oil free! Stoked

  10. Pip Hunt (verified owner)

    The stain stick has worked a treat on my little girl clothes as we have started solids and she is very messy!

  11. Christine (verified owner)

    This stain stick lathers up really well, so would be great to take away on holiday and use for hand washing clothing.
    It almost entirely removed an old blood stain on a cotton pillow case that had been packed away for several weeks.
    Good effort!

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