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Reducing plastic waste

Since 2015 we have prided ourselves on wrapping and sending products in eco-friendly packaging and have implemented new, innovative options as they have become available.

We use glass jars, which now come with aluminum lids. You can recycle both, or reuse them around the home. We also provide a return option, which you can read about here.

Our soaps are wrapped in paper, with a paper label. Bath salts, coffee scrub and face mask refills all come in home compostable packaging made from plants.

For shipping we use cardboard boxes – these can be turned inside out to provide a clean box for you to reuse for postage or storage around the home. They are secured with paper tape and cellulose tape (made from plants). Depending on the size of your order we also sometimes use black, home-compostable mailer bags or just wrap in thick brown paper.

These options are usually more expensive for a business to use, but we think the planet is worth it!

Our suppliers are also getting on board with reducing waste, we are able reuse most packaging that comes in, except bubble wrap, which we pass on to be reused.


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