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Soap needs love too!

Tips to get the most out of your handmade soap

Use it!  

Aoraki Naturals’ soaps are formulated to be used.  Your newly purchased soap is ready to go, and will stay nice and fresh for a few months and up to a year depending on the make up of the actual soap and correct care.

Unlike supermarket “soap” which can be stored for years due to hardeners and synthetic ingredients, handmade soaps do have a shelf life.   Delicate essential oil fragrances can deteriorate over time, and oils can, just like the oils you cook with, go rancid.  Correct storage can prolong the life of a soap.

So how do I store my soap?

The best place is in a cool, dry spot in a cardboard box which allows air to circulate.  A bedroom drawer is ideal.  Soaps left out, unwrapped on a shelf will fade quickly and lose their scent after a while.

How to I make my soap last longer?

Using a shower puff  or washcloth instead of rubbing the soap directly on your body will help your soap last longer as you use less to get a great lather.

Allow time for your soap to dry out between uses.  Cut your bar in half and use on alternate days, or if you have more than one soap, rotate them.

You don’t want your soap  sitting in water, or getting wet from the shower’s stream – it will melt to nothing very quickly due to the high natural glycerine content.

A well draining soap dish is essential and a good investment if you are going to switch to handmade soap.

You can purchase one of our wooden soap dishes HERE

Our wooden soap dishes enable your soap to stay drier between uses.

These are also ideal –

chrome-shower-soap-holder-3169 soap dish

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.33.43 AM

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